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New Grades Added

February 2021

To better serve our customers, we have expanded our offering in Nickel and Cobalt bar.  We have added A286, Hastelloy X and L605 as routine stocking grades focusing on the aerospace jet engine market.

Rockwell Delivers!

January 2021

We are now offering delivered pricing on our trucks to NJ, CT and southern MA

Doubled Our Size Range in PH 13-8Mo and 15-5 PH

November 2020

Due to increased demand we have doubled our size range in PH 13-8Mo and 15-5PH bar.  Our routine stocking sizes are now from .500” to 8.000” diameters.

We Moved !

April 2020

We moved into our new 24,000 sq foot metals service center in Amityville, New York. This new facility is a state of the art aerospace metals distribution and processing service center, providing raw materials to our domestic and international customers.

Rockwell’s New Combilift C10000GT Loader

March 2020

We have received a new Combilift C10000GT side loader. This model has 10,000 lbs lift capacity and will benefit our customers by improving lead time.

Rockwell Industries 9310 Stocking Sizes Increased

March 2020

We have increased our stocking size of 9310 vacuum melted bar. Our new size range covers up to 12” diameter.

Rockwell’s Expanded Inventory Line of Nitriding

February 2020

We have expanded our inventory line to now include Nitriding 135M vacuum melted bar stock. Please keep us in mind for your future requirements.

New Cantilever Rack System Installed at Rockwell Industries Int’l Warehouse

January 2020

We have installed an additional narrow isle cantilever rack system capable of holding 2.5 million lbs. This racking system will help support the growth of our inventory for years to come.

Rockwell Industries Now Stocking Greek Ascoloy

December 2019

We have begun stocking Greek Ascoloy round bar. We look forward to hearing from you on your requirements.

Rockwell Industries Launches Updated Website

August 2019

We have launched our new website.

Rockwell Industries Purchases New Toyota 8FGC70U

February 2019

We have purchased a new Toyota 8FGC70U. With this model’s 15,000 lbs lift capacity we can are capable of handling large diameter bar stock.

Additional Amada PC430AX Band Saw

December 2018

We have purchased an additional Amada PC430AC band saw to help satisfy our customers with quicker lead times on production cutting jobs.

Rockwell Now Stocking Pyrowear 53 bar

August 2018

We are now stocking select sizes of Pyrowear 53 bar. Please keep us in mind for any aerospace gearbox applications you may have.

New Racking System Design

June 2018

We have re-designed and expanded upon our cantilever racking system. With the additional racks we have increased our storage capacity by another 250,000 lbs. This has increased the flow and efficiency in our warehouse.

Rockwell Industries Now Stocking 17-7PH Stainless Steel

March 2018

We have increased our inventory line and are now stocking 17-7PH stainless steel in round bar form.

Rockwell Industries Now Stocking Carpenter’s Custom 465 stainless steel

February 2018

We have begun stocking Carpenter’s Custom 465 stainless steel in round bar form. We are one of the few service centers carrying this grade and we look forward to the further serving customers within the aerospace and medical industries.

Rockwell Purchases a New Amada PC430AX Band Saw

January 2018

We have purchased a new Amada PC430AX band saw. The pulse cutting technology of this saw significantly increases cutting rates without sacrificing blade life. These benefits will help us improve our lead times without adding costs to our customers.