L-605 AMS 5759

L-605 AMS 5759 available at Rockwell Industries is a cobalt-chromium-tungsten-nickel alloy.  It has good formability, high strength to 1500°F, and good oxidation resistance to 2000°F.  L605 is non-magnetic and has excellent resistance to hot and corrosive atmospheres.  It is especially resistant to carburizing atmospheres up to 1600ºF.  The high chromium content makes it resistant to corrosion in a wide range of environments such as wet chlorine, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid.  For maximum ductility, fabricated components should be annealed 2150-2250°F followed by a rapid cooling.

Stock sizes: 0.250” to 2.500” diameter

Common Specifications:

  • AMS 5759
  • Pratt & Whitney LCS F-17
  • General Electric GE S-400 / S-SPEC-35
  • Rolls Royce Sabre

Industry Trade Names:

  • Haynes 25 (trademarked Haynes International)
  • Udimet L605 (trademarked Special Metals)
  • ATI L605 (trademarked ATI Specialty materials)
  • Cartech L605 (trademarked Carpenter Technology)

Common Applications:

  • Jet engine components
  • Land based gas turbine combustor liners

Heat treatment:

Bars shall be solution heat treated by heating to a temperature within the range 2150 to 2250 °F, holding at the selected temperature within ±25 °F for a time commensurate with section thickness, and cooling at a rate equivalent to an air cool or faster.

Hardness of bars 277 HB max.

Minimum tensile property requirements:

Property Value
Tensile Strength 125 ksi (862 MPa)
Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset 45.0 ksi (310 MPa)
Elongation in 4D 30%


Element Min. Max.
Carbon 0.05 0.15
Manganese 1.00 2.00
Silicon 0.40
Phosphorus 0.040
Sulfur 0.030
Chromium 19.00 21.00
Nickel 9.00 11.00
Tungsten 14.00 16.00
Iron 3.00
Cobalt remainder