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Rockwell Industries Aluminum

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Rockwell Industries Alloys

Aluminum from Rockwell Industries has a variety of uses in the aerospace industry. Additional applications are found in the medical, defense and oil & gas industries as well as power generation.

Rockwell Industries is committed to a continuous improvement program. We pledge to make on-time deliveries of quality products that meet our customer's requirements.

Since 1984, Rockwell Industries International has been supplying specialty steel materials in all forms commonly used in the aerospace industry. These alloys include high temperature nickel and cobalt, alloy steels, stainless steels, aluminum and titanium.

Rockwell Industries Alloy Steel products come in the following forms:

  • Bar
  • Billet
  • Block
  • Forging
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Tube
  • Wire





2014 AMS 4028; AMS 4029; AMS 4153 REQUEST A QUOTE
2024 AMS 4035; AMS 4037; AMS 4152; AMS 4165 REQUEST A QUOTE
2219 AMS 4031; AMS 4094; AMS 4095; AMS 4096; Boeing BMS 7-110 REQUEST A QUOTE
6061 AMS 4025; AMS 4026; AMS 4027; AMS 4150; AMS 4160; AMS 4161 REQUEST A QUOTE
7050 AMS 4050; AMS 4201; AMS 4340; AMS 4342; Boeing BMS 7-323 REQUEST A QUOTE
7075 AMS 4044; AMS 4045; AMS 4078 REQUEST A QUOTE

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