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L-605, AMS 5759

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L605 is a cobalt-chromium-tungston-nickel alloy. It has good formability, high strength to 1500°F, and good oxidation resistance to 2000°F. L605 is non-magnetic and have excellent resistance to hot and corrosive atmospheres. It is especially resistant to carburizing atmospheres up to 1600ºF. Common applications are jet engine components land based gas turbine combustor liners.

The high chromium content makes it resistant to corrosion in a wide range of environments such as wet chlorine, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. For maximum ductility, fabricated components should be annealed 2150-2250°F followed by a rapid cooling.

Common Industry Trade Names:

Our common stock sizes from .250” to 2.50” diameters.


Common Specifications:

  • AMS 5759
  • Pratt & Whitney LCS F-17
  • General Electric S-400 / S-SPEC-35
  • Rolls Royce Sabre

Heat treatment: Bars shall be solution heat treated by heating to a temperature within the range 2150 to 2250 °F, holding at the selected temperature within ±25 °F for a time commensurate with section thickness, and cooling at a rate equivalent to an air cool or faster.

Hardness of bars 277 HB max.

Minimum Tensile Properties:






Carbon 0.05 0.15
Manganese 1.00 2.00
Silicon -- 0.40
Phosphorus -- 0.040
Sulfur -- 0.030
Chromium 19.00 21.00
Nickel 9.00 11.00
Tungsten 14.00 16.00
Iron -- 3.00
Cobalt remainder

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