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Inconel 718 Bar

Every type of metal that is used in industry has its own properties and is treated in varying ways to provide the appropriate amount of resilience needed for the processes in which it will be used. One of the types of metal that is often used in industry is the Inconel 718 bar. This type of metal is a high-strength nickel alloy that can be specially ordered to stand up to extremely high temperatures, up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, while maintaining its ductility. Inconel 718 bar is suitable for welding and other processes that require formability.

Heat Treatments

This type of nickel metal alloy must go through one of several types of heat treatment options to create the exact specifications each client requires. There are two basic types of heat treatment used for Inconel 718 bar: AMS 5663 and AMS 5662. Each of these processes is slightly different, providing the alloy with varying properties that make them suitable for different uses.

AMS 5663

During this treatment process, the metal is first put through a solution heat treatment at approximately 1725 degrees Fahrenheit. The next step in the process is a precipitation treatment at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. After the metal goes through this treatment process, it gains the properties of high tensile and yield strength with poor crack and stress resistance.

AMS 5662

This treatment process puts the metal alloy through a solution heat treatment of around 1775 degrees Fahrenheit. When the metal has gone through this specific process, it will gain properties that make it stronger than the Inconel 718 bar that undergoes various other treatments.

ASME SB-637 Specifications

One of the most popular specifications for Inconel 718 bar is the ASME SB-637 specifications. This alloy can be found in rods, bars or forging metals, allowing industrial companies to use the metals in situations that subject the metal to high levels of heat. The processes through which the metal goes through will increase the strength of the metal and allow it to be used for processes, such as jet engine parts, gas turbines, nuclear power plants, forming tools and more.